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  • Do you take 1:1 clients?
    Yes! Although my 1:1 coaching clients are for physiotherapy/physical therapy services. I only provide 1:1 coaching for those facing ongoing/recurrent pain and injury. For non-specific training services, see my 12 week programs.
  • What is the difference between the Hybrid Program and the Functional program?
    While both programs are designed to build strength and fitness, they each have their own features. The Hybrid program is specifically designed to objectively build strength and fitness. You will complete testing in Week 1 to establish a baseline and will retest in Week 12 with the goal of achieving higher strength 1RM's and faster times/distances for fitness. This program is sure to encompass all muscle groups, while challenging unilateral and multiplanar strength, alongside specific mobility and stability drills to compliment and improve your compound lifts. The Functional program is designed for fitness lovers who want to try something new. It is filled with innovative and creative exercises to challenge you in ways you have not been challenged before. While still focusing on building strength and fitness, this program may get you sweatier than most. No one workout is the same. Prepare to never be bored in the gym again.
  • I like both the Hybrid and Functional program- which one should I do?
    I would suggest starting with the Hybrid program to establish a solid strength and fitness foundation. Then transition into the Functional program where this foundation of yours will be challenged and built upon even more.
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